Do-It-Yourself Fixes

The power to save is yours. Simple steps can save you money. Take a few minutes.
Learn how to get smart – powerful smart.

Air Leaks:
See daylight around your front door? That’s energy wasted. Small cracks around windows and doors can cause a complete change of inside and outside air every hour. Seal the gaps to keep money from flying out the door.

No-cost fixes like cleaning the dryer lint filter after every load can save you money. Check for clogged exterior vents. Air dry jeans and towels then pop them into the dryer to soften.

75% of the electricity used to power electronics and appliances is consumed while the products are turned off. Unplug appliances or use a power strip to cut all power.

Heating and Cooling:
Dirty filters block air flow reducing efficiency. Air that bypasses the filter carries dirt to the evaporator coil. Replace filters frequently to lower energy use 5–15%.

11% of your energy bill is for lighting. One of the fastest ways to cut your energy bill is to change bulbs. New lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use up to 75%.

Water Heating:
Lower your water heater temperature to 120ºF to save energy, slow mineral buildup, and prevent scalding. Each 10ºF decrease saves 3–5% in energy costs.